iPython Tips Sheet

Launch iPython notebook

Mac: From the terminal shell type “ipython notebook –pylab inline”

typo note — it is pylab, not pylib


iPython Notebook Setup

iPython is an interactive shell. It is great. Combined with Notebooks, it makes a stunningly productive combination. It allows you to truly interact (and learn), share Notebooks so others can view or reproduce your work.

Check out the gallery here.

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Launch your own Notebook server by typing the following from the terminal shell.

ipython notebook –pylab inline

It will launch a local web server and also start a browser pointing to  launch your browser pointing to

Click on ‘New Notebook’ button to the right. In the input field type the following

In [  ]: print(“hello, world”)

Press control-enter.

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the first step.

Now spend some time with your teenager on the monumental significance of this phrase. Point them to this seminal book. More than twenty years later I still learn from it.

Python Setup

I have Python setup on both, Mac and Windows machines.

My Mac is running  OSX Mavericks, while I have a PC with Windows 7.

Common to both of them is Python 2.7, iPython and Spyder integrated graphical console.

Simplest, one click installation is the Anaconda distribution of Python 2.7 from here