HTML Charting Project

I’m experimenting with loading data into a chart.

Data will be stock data (OHLC) and one or more indictors.  I have a couple of options to consider for charting.

  • Where does my data come from (or what is my data source)? It will be static canned data to begin with stored in google spreadsheets, but can then extend to historical data on any symbol in EOD format and (very challenging) intraday data on any symbol.
  • Who consumes my data, aka what charts? Highcharts/HighStock, FusionCharts, Google Charts can all do the work. HighStock looks the best and likely performs the best. What format do they expect the data in?
  • What languages will I use? JavaScript for sure as all of the popular charting packages use it. I’m leaning towards Python as a back-end language.

Some goodies to try

Tabletop: Converts data from Google Spreadsheets into JSON


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