compile errors with xcode versions

Installing numpy fails due to an xcode compiler flag mismatch error, well documented on stackoverflow. Here’s how I installed scikit


mkdir SGML


virtualenv venv

source venv/bin/activate

($venv) sudo ARCHFLAGS=-Wnoerror=unusedcommandlineargumentharderrorinfuture pip install upgrade numpy

numpy is required for scikit

($venv) sudo ARCHFLAGS=-Wnoerror=unusedcommandlineargumentharderrorinfuture pip install upgrade scikit-learn

the actual package is called scikit-learn

($venv) sudo ARCHFLAGS=-Wnoerror=unusedcommandlineargumentharderrorinfuture pip install upgrade pandas

install pandas for good measure

ipython (which requires a bunch of dependencies)

Finally, scipy — which will require fortran compiler for which you need to ‘brew install gfortran’



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